University of Alberta — Sustainability

Looking back on a crucial time in the University of Alberta’s sustainability and climate commitments

Getting wrapped up in Certificate in Sustainability graduate Emilia Housch’s “temperature quilt”

Industrial design instructor Ben King and his students explain how the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals inspire sustainable design projects

Switching to electric vehicles will take massive infrastructure transformations. Omid Ardakanian and his students are helping to pave the road that gets us there.

Philosopher Nathan Kowalsky details his philosophy of “the bush” and asks why we value the natural environment

“Once you become aware of the challenges of climate change, or biodiversity loss, or global inequity, you can’t forget them.”

Faculty of Nursing professor Bukola Oladunni Salami’s expansive work seeks to eliminate inequalities in Canadian healthcare

Photojournalist, blogger and activist Aditi Mayer is fighting ecologically harmful practices and violations of workers’ rights in the fashion industry

The campus solar greenhouse ©Aditya Shah

The solar greenhouse is poised to become a new hot-spot for interdisciplinary research and education

University of Alberta — Sustainability

Meet the students and academics who are discovering solutions to our climate and sustainability challenges. Writing from Edmonton-Amiskwacîwâskahikan, Canada.

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