University of Alberta — Sustainability

Looking back on a crucial time in the University of Alberta’s sustainability and climate commitments

Learn why Morton Asfeldt braves the cold to bring his students place-based, experiential learning in the North.

Vidhya Krishnan, FURCA award winner, speaks about a novel way to produce renewable energy.

Pulau Sipadan, Borneo. Photo by Andrea Schieber on Flickr.

Kaila Belovich, FURCA award winner, explains what drew her to study the island’s complex sustainability issues.

Chrislain Eric Kenfack advocates for reconciliation and finding common ground in his courses for St. Joseph’s College.

Shelby Yamamoto explains why climate action and efforts to tackle air pollution make the perfect pair.

“The identities of oil workers can be compatible with an environmentalist if we’re not constantly villainizing each other.”

Guillermo Hernandez Ramirez explains why he focuses on understanding the ground beneath our feet.

University of Alberta — Sustainability

Meet the students and academics who are discovering solutions to our climate and sustainability challenges. Writing from Edmonton-Amiskwacîwâskahikan, Canada.

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