Clean Air 💗 Climate Action

Shelby Yamamoto explains why climate action and efforts to tackle air pollution make the perfect pair.

By Olivia DeBourcier

Consider who is at risk from air pollution

Most of us might not need to worry about exposure to poor air quality on a day-to-day basis. It might only be something we think about on days when the air is filled with forest fire smoke.

The climate connection

Increased consumption of oil and coal (through industrial activity, energy production and transportation) is the main reason for increasingly poor air quality conditions across the globe. But extreme weather events such as forest fires linked to climate change, are also at play.

Contributing to public health around the world

Yamamoto’s work, as for many others, has shifted with the pandemic. She is a part of a team working in China looking to introduce an internet-based cognitive behavioural therapy program for perinatal and antenatal women to screen for mental health issues including depression and to offer tools and resources for self-treatment.

Meet the students and academics who are discovering solutions to our climate and sustainability challenges. Writing from Edmonton-Amiskwacîwâskahikan, Canada.