Homework for a Healthy Planet

Neelakshi Joshi brings carbon footprint calculations into the classroom

By Olivia DeBourcier

Running the experiment

Then in October, she asked her students to continue their measurements while implementing at least one strategy to reduce their consumption. That way they could see if they were making real progress toward a smaller carbon footprint.

Drawing conclusions

Whatever the students decided, it was their job to test how their solutions stood up.

“What I ended up doing, I think can be really doable for a lot of people, if you can get over just that little bit of an initial barrier,” said Wells.

This is exactly what Joshi was hoping to hear from her students. As a postdoctoral researcher with a focus on urban planning, Joshi knows that a big part of city planning going forward will be developing municipal climate mitigation strategies. Joshi hopes that the class project taught her students just what it means to reduce carbon emissions on a personal level.

Meet the students and academics who are discovering solutions to our climate and sustainability challenges. Writing from Edmonton-Amiskwacîwâskahikan, Canada.